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Pt.Parmanand Ji Maharaj


Nand ram Parmanand,was born in 1794 at Seer(Kanulgaund)village.He received his early education from his father Krishan ji Pandit.Later on he also studied other languages like persian ,urdu and sanskrit.After death of his father,he continued with his Father's occupation as Pathwari in his native place.But this could not restrict his love and devotion for God,so he left this job of pathwari.He took the path of Bhakti Marga and became sadhak.Initially he used to write in persian under the title of "Gareeb".None of his work in persian could be retrieved.

Parmanand's work are full of self realisation and ocean of Godly love(Viakhari).Every word which he wrote has the varisity of meanings holding within.As a poet he holds a great seat.In his Bhajans his understanding and knowledge of Holy Scripts and his own experience as yogi is very much clear that how deeply he has undeestood the very essence of devotion and Kriya.For many mystic poets he becamr the path finders and the followed his path along.

Pt Parmanand was a devotee oh Bhagwan Sri krishna,but he could not confine his imagination and praised his Lord in his various forms and Avatars.All his poems or Nazams are very attractive like "Radha Sayamvar" and "Sudhama Charitra" are beautiful examples of Sri Krishna Bhakti.One musr remember that few parts of "Radha Sayamvar" was also written by his Favourite Disciple and Follower "Pt. Laxman Razdan". All the work by him are melodious in nature.

"Amarnath Yatra","Karam Bhumika" and "kal t cheyo" are his famous poems/nazams.The Nazams he wrote always resembled his Knowledge, understanding and experience of yoga.To say it correctly his poems are the fruit of yog in the Garden of his Ecasty.The influence of his native village accent is very clear in his work and hold the prominence.

The translation of his work in English was done by Pt.Zind Kaul in three parts.In a book "Gyan Prakash" most of the bhajans belongs to Pt. Parmanand.All his work were published in two volumes in persian language by j&K cultural accademy.

Saleh Ganai, was one of the prime disciple and follower of swami parmanand ji.He belonged to Mattan(Anantnag).When Pt. Parmanand ji left the job of pathwari he went to mattan and settled there.Saleh Ganai, donated 17 acres of land to Pt. Parmanandji, which is still under the possession of Parmanand's family.

Saleh Ganai also took the responsibility for the welfare of his family and he did his job devotedly.After the death of Parmanand ji,Saleh Ganai performed the "Shrada",of his Guru every year with full devotion and fervor.

Swami Parmanand ji,left for eternal journey in 1879.Later on an insitution was established in his name at Mattan.

May The Blessings of these great Saints be showered on all of us.

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